Sustainability Policy

Fossar’s goal is to be a leading Icelandic enterprise in the fields of social responsibility and sustainability, both in terms of its own operations and through the extensive influence that the operations have on clients and other beneficiaries.

Sustainability has always been a guiding light in the Company’s practices and this sustainability policy is part of an effort to ensure that the operations and management of the Company will continue to be exemplary.

The Company has been a pioneer in managing issuance of green bonds in Iceland. Green bonds are issued to fund environmentally-friendly projects and are considered a powerful tool to respond to climate change. The Company managed the first issuance of green bonds in Iceland and has been a leading adviser in the green bond market.

Fossar’s Asset Management has adopted procedures on responsible investments. Responsible investment refers to an incorporation of environmental, social and corporate governance factors (ESG) into investment decisions and this emphasis will be applicable to the entire investment process of Asset Management.

This sustainability policy addresses both the operations and management of Fossar. Employees have been part of the policy-making process and are informed about this policy, its goals and purpose.

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