Fossar Markets establishes operations in Stockholm


Independent securities firm Fossar Markets has set up an office in Stockholm and hired Andri Guðmundsson to build up and lead the company‘s operations in the Nordic countries. Fossar has operated in Iceland for over a year and is already the leading securities firm in servicing foreign investors in Iceland.

„We see great opportunities in expanding our operations outside of Iceland at this point in time. Important steps in lifting the capital controls will soon be taken which will enable Iceland to participate in the international financial markets again” says Haraldur I. Þórðarson, the company’s CEO.

“The office in Stockholm will provide services to both investors who intend to invest in Iceland and Icelandic investors looking for opportunities abroad after the lifting of capital controls,” says Guðmundsson, is a Swedish resident and has served as a member of the board of directors of Fossar.

“We have actively been working towards setting up our operations in Sweden for some time now and the process is well underway. We aim to formally open the office this fall when all relevant conditions have been fulfilled.”

Fossar’s office in Sweden will be located in Stockholm’s city center at 25 Biblioteksgatan and operate under the name Fossar Markets AB.

Fossar has recently put more emphasis on foreign operations, such as hiring Anna Þorbjörg Jónsdóttir to lead the foreign investment platform for domestic investors. The office in Stockholm is another step in expanding services to investors wishing to invest outside of Iceland.

Fossar Markets is an independent securities firm which primarily provides services to professional and institutional investors operating in the Icelandic market. The company is a member of the Nasdaq Iceland stock exchange and is a one-stop shop when it comes to trading in securities in the financial market.