New talent at Fossar markets


Ottar Helgason, Rafn Thorsteinsson and Runar Benediktsson have been hired by Fossar Markets. Ottar joins global markets. Rafn and Runar join the team of domestic markets, where Rafn will serve as an analyst and Runar as an equities and fixed income trader.

Ottar Helgason was previously a part of the Corporate Finance team at Landsbankinn. Prior to that, he worked as a consultant for Icelandic and foreign investors, both in Iceland and globally. Ottar worked as a Fund Manager for pension funds at Landsbankinn from 2005 until 2008. In the years 2003 until 2005 he worked as a Fund Manager for the Treasury and Market Operations at the Central Bank of Iceland. Prior to that he worked as a Currency Trader at Islandsbanki. Ottar holds a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Iceland and a M.Sc. in Finance from Reykjavik University.

Rafn Thorsteinsson worked at Thule Investments, NSA Ventures and Arion Bank along with his studies, prior to joining Fossar. Rafn holds a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. degree in industrial engineering from the University of Iceland. In his master thesis Rafn analyzed the causal structure of the Icelandic economy and was awarded a grant from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for further research.

Runar Steinn Benediktsson was previously a part of the Capital Markets team at Islandsbanki. From 2015 Runar worked on the Fixed Income Desk, focusing on listed bonds on Nasdaq Iceland and managing new bonds offerings, for example Islandsbanki’s covered bond program. He was a part of the FX Sales Team where he traded FX spot and derivatives, and acted as a primary broker at the FX Auctions facilitated by the Central Bank of Iceland from 2012 to 2015. Prior to that, Runar worked at VIS Insurance Ltd. Runar holds a B.Sc. degree in Economics from the University of Iceland, and is currently pursuing an MCF degree in Finance at the University of Reykjavik. Runar holds an ACI Dealing certificate and he is also a certified securities broker.