Record fundraiser on Fossar’s Thanks Day


Fossar Markets’ seventh annual Thanks Day, on 25 November, raised a record total of ISK 21,622,502. Haraldur Thordarson, Fossar’s CEO, presented Margrét Vala Marteinsdóttir, director of Reykjadalur’s Jafningjasetur, with the amount at Fossar’s headquarters in Reykjavík today, Monday 29 November.

Customers and partners have received Fossar’s Thanks Day very well, and the fundraiser has been growing steadily since the beginning. “Our clients make it possible for us to hand over this grant to Reykjadalur’s Jafningjasetur. This year’s participation broke all previous records, in part because of direct contributions to the cause,” Haraldur says. Last year’s Thanks Day raised ISK 12.6 million for Geðhjálp, and the year before, just over ISK 11 million went to Rjóðrið at Landspítali.

As before, Fossar’s staff chooses the cause to be supported by the Thanks Day fundraiser. Reykjadalur’s Jafningjasetur was started in Hafnarfjörður last October and was very well received. It is a youth club for children and young people with disabilities or special needs to have fun with peers.

On Fossar’s Thanks Day, all brokerage fees generated on that day are all awarded to a deserving cause. And an increasingly popular way to participate, clients can also contribute by donating directly to a designated account. The Thanks Day also enjoys the support of the Nasdaq Iceland stock exchange and the settlement company T Plus. Both waive their respective fees to support the charity. The advertising agency TVIST’s work on the day is also free of charge.

“We are overjoyed by this magnificent support for the newly started activities of Reykjadalur’s Jafningjasetur. With this grant, we can focus on finding permanent housing for the operation,” says Margrét Vala Marteinsdóttir, director of Reykjadalur’s Jafningjasetur.


PHOTO: Fundraising delivered. Haraldur Thordarson, CEO of Fossar Markets and Margrét Vala Marteinsdóttir, director of Reykjadalur. (Photo/Anton Brink Hansen)