Legal Disclaimer

Website Disclaimer

The information published on the Fossar markaðir hf. (hereinafter „Fossar“ or „the Company“) website is true and accurate to the best knowledge of Fossar at the time of publishing and the Company cannot be held liable for any transactions that are carried out on the basis of that information. Fossar cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information published, whether or not the information published come from the Company or any third party. The information published on the website are subject to change without notice.

The information published on Fossar website are general and does not constitute offer or advice to buy or sell any particular financial instrument. The users of the website are solely responsible for any investment decisions they may make on the basis of the information published on the website.

Fossar cannot in any way be held liable for any damage that may be suffered as a result of the information published on Fossar ́s website or any damage that may be directly or indirectly caused by the use of the Company ́s website. Fossar shall not in any way be held liable for any damage arising from an inability to access the website for longer or shorter periods of time.

Fossar owns the copyright to all information published on its website unless otherwise stated or implied by the context. The reproduction, distribution or display of the information published on the website is subject to the written authorization of Fossar regardless of the nature of the information concerned or the purpose of such reproduction, distribution or display. However, customers of Fossar are permitted to save such information for personal use.

Trading in financial instruments involves significant risks. Past results are not an indication of future returns. Users of Fossar ́s website are encouraged to obtain information about the nature of securities trading and other matters relative to securities trading from Fossar ́s advisors. The aforementioned disclaimers also apply to all information and content published by Fossar into any social media sites if applicable.

E-mail Disclaimer

The information contained in e-mails and attachments to e-mails sent from Fossar e-mail addresses may be of a confidential and/or private nature and is solely intended for the recipient of the e-mail in question. The substance and content of such e-mails are the responsibility of the sender unless related to the business of Fossar. If an e-mail from Fossar ́s e-mail address is received in error, the recipient is kindly asked to keep the contents of the e-mail confidential, notify the sender and destroy the e-mail as required by Article 47 of Act No. 81/2003 on Telecommunications.

Fossar cannot accept liability for any damage sustained as a result of an e-mail from Fossar ́s e-mail address, as information is susceptible to alteration and may contain viruses. Information relating to any services, company or financial instrument is for information purposes only and should not be interpreted as a solicitation to buy or sell any security or to make any investment.

The Information in this communication has been compiled from sources believed to be reliable but it has not been independently verified. No representation is made as to its accuracy or completeness, no reliance should be placed on it and no liability is accepted for any loss arising from reliance on it.

Recording of telephone conversation, storing and saving data

Customers are made aware that business-related telephone calls to Fossar may be recorded without special notice in order to ensure the security of the Company and customers. The same applies to conversations through other devices, such as Lync, Bloomberg and Skype for Business.

Telephone recordings are made pursuant to authority provided in the Act on Telecommunications. Customers are made aware that recordings may be submitted as evidence in legal proceedings and/or in other circumstances in the event of a dispute regarding the substance of communications between the parties, e.g. as regards the conditions and/or execution of a trade. In other respects, Fossar shall treat recorded telephone conversations in the same way as other information which is subject to confidentiality pursuant to Articles 58 to 60 of the Act No. 161/2002 on Financial Undertakings.

All data, in any form whatsoever, containing information about a customer ́s transactions and their execution is stored by the Company for a minimum period of five years.

Fossar Legal disclaimer (PDF)



By using this website, information is gathered about your visit. Fossar will use this information to improve our website and the user‘s journey through it. It is our top priority to keep your data safe and we will not hand it over to third parties, except to fulfill legal obligation.

When using our website, cookies get saved on the user’s computer. Cookies are small text files which are used to detect visits to a web page by IP addresses. Other websites should not be able to read the information stored in the cookie. Cookies do not contain any personal data of the user. The cookies are collected for the purpose of counting visits as well as analyzing the user’s journey through the website. This information is analyzed with the aim to improve the user’s experience on the website and facilitating the user’s access to information.

Fossar also uses Google Analytics to collect data. There, can be found information about each visit, how long it lasted, where the user went on the website and where he left the domain. We use data collected with Google Analytics to improve our service. We never seek to identify individuals using user behaviour, we only use the information gathered for anonymous and general purposes. This way we can improve our service over time. No attempts are made to connect visits to personally identifiable information.

The information collected on our site about users is:

  • The number of visitors and number of visits
  • The duration of visits
  • Which pages within the site are viewed and how often
  • Types of files downloaded from the web
  • Which operating systems and browsers are used to view the web
  • Which keywords in search engines led to our website
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This information is used to gain knowledge about the use of the web and what information people are interested in viewing. This way we can adapt the web better to the needs of the users.

Users can change the security settings on most browsers so they don’t accept cookies. Users can also easily delete cookies. More information on deleting can be found on the website of most browsers.