Fossar Markets’ Thanks Day collection of over 11 million ISK presented to Rjóðrið


Thanks Day fundraiser to support children and young people with long-term illness

Haraldur Þórðarson, Fossar Markets’ CEO, has presented Guðrún Ragnars, a paediatric nurse and Head of The National University Hospital’s nursing, rest, and rehabilitation unit for children with long-term illness (Rjóðrið), with ISK 11,071,795 collected on the Thanks Day, November 28th.

“It has been a long-term goal to do more for the young people staying in Rjóðrið. The amount presented to us today by Fossar Markets, the result of last week’s Thanks Day, empowers this project and can be viewed as an endowment capital of sorts,” said Guðrún Ragnar when accepting the collection.

Increasing services to young people

Þórðarson said that the event had been hugely successful. Most remarkable was how well the initiative had been received and how everyone wanted to take part, adding that the Thanks Day was a collaborative effort made by Fossar, its clients, and partners.
“Looking into the operations of Rjóðrið, we realised how extremely effective their work is, meeting the needs of children and their families. While we were determined to dedicate the fundraiser to Rjóðrið, we also sensed its management’s desire to strengthen the services offered to older children and young adults. As children grow older and are no longer entitled to Rjóðrið’s services, the need for nursing, rehabilitation and recreation for these young people remains. This is often a difficult turning point for the individuals in question and their families. We hope our contribution this year will be an incentive to further enhance Rjóðrið’s services with the establishment of a new support department better suited to the needs of older children and young adults,” Þórðarson said.

The support makes a difference

Fossar Markets’ Thanks Day is an annual event, now held for the fifth time. All collected service fees on the day are donated to a worthy cause. In addition to Fossar Markets, the Thanks Day is supported by Nasdaq Iceland stock exchange and the settlement company T plus. Both waive their fees for the day to support the charity. The advertising agency Twist also donated its services related to the day and jewellery designer Hildur Hafstein designed bracelets to support the fundraising.

PHOTO: Haraldur Þórðarson, Fossar Markets’ CEO, and Guðrún Ragnar, a paediatric nurse and Head of Rjóðrið.