Fossar Markets intermediated a 4 billion ISK loan from a U.S. investment fund


In December, Fossar Markets acted as an intermediary for a 4 billion ISK loan from a U.S. investment fund to Almenna leigufelagid (AL).

The loan agreement is a part of the refinancing of AL’s debt, which will result in a considerably lower cost of capital, making the company more suitable for listing in the stock exchange. AL intends to list on the Nasdaq Iceland stock exchange within two years, according to Maria B. Einarsdóttir, CEO of AL.

Fossar Markets is an independent securities firm in Iceland, which provides services to local and international institutional investors. Fossar Markets is a full-service provider when it comes to trading securities in the financial markets and has operations in Iceland, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. In addition, Fossar helps companies, municipalities and institutions to seek funding in the capital markets. The team at Fossar Markets has specialized in servicing international investors operating in the Icelandic markets and has played a leading role in introducing foreign investors to investment opportunities in the local market.