Fossar Markets and Deutsche Bank hired as advisers to Yucaipa


The Yucaipa Companies (“Yucaipa”) sponsored the successful restructuring of Eimskipafelag Islands hf (“Eimskip”) in 2009 and assisted to take Eimskip public in 2012.

After eight years, Yucaipa has decided to review its strategic options regarding retention of or a possible disposal of part or all of its stake in Eimskip.

Yucaipa have hired Deutsche Bank AG and its affiliates (“Deutsche Bank”) and Fossar Markets hf. (“Fossar Markets”) as advisors.

The strategic options for a potential sale may include a sale in full or in part either by a market placement or by a trade sale. Any market placement or trade sale is in the opinion of Yucaipa subject to favorable capital market conditions and general market environment.

Yucapia Companies, owns 25.3% of Eimskip’s share capital.