Fossar Markets announces collaboration with UK-based Redington


Fossar Markets is delighted to announce the completion of a collaboration agreement with U.K. based investment consultant, Redington.

Under this new agreement, the Investment Services offering of Fossar Markets is enhanced by gaining access to Redington’s leading global investment manager research platform, enabling them to introduce best-of-breed asset managers, across all asset classes, to significantly improve investment outcomes for Icelandic investors.

Redington have a dedicated research team of asset class specialists, many with practitioner experience. The team covers 45 asset classes globally and adopts a differentiated philosophy to identify the top 5-10% of managers in each asset class. Icelandic investors will benefit from this high conviction advice on asset managers.

David Witzer, Head of Investment Services at Fossar Markets and CEO of Fossar UK, expresses his delight in working with Redington, describing their manager research capabilities as “second to none”. “It is exciting that we can announce this working partnership facilitating a truly unique investment offering to Icelandic institutional investors as they seek to increase foreign exposure.”

Nick Samuels, Head of Manager Research, Redington, said: “We are excited to be collaborating with Fossar Markets to improve investment outcomes for Icelandic investors and support them achieve globally diversified portfolios. Fossar Markets’ focus on ensuring the optimal client outcome makes them a perfect partner for us as we build our presence in this new market.”