Fossar Markets a new exchange member of Nasdaq Copenhagen and Nasdaq Stockholm


– The membership takes effect on Monday September 17th.

Fossar Markets hf. have been admitted as an exchange member at Nasdaq Copenhagen and Nasdaq Stockholm. Fossar are the first Icelandic financial firm in more than a decade to connect directly to a foreign stock exchange.

Starting next Monday, 17 September, the company will commence trading in all securities listed in the Nasdaq Copenhagen and Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchanges.

Since Fossar was founded in 2015 Capital Markets have been the company’s core focus, later adding Corporate Finance and Investment Services, while at the same time building up services for clients operating globally. Fossar have access and cooperate with foreign fund management and analytical companies, besides having access to investment opportunities all over the world, either through direct access to markets or through access to fund management.

Haraldur Thordarson, CEO, Fossar Markets:

“Fossar is a securities firm operating in the global market. With membership to the Nasdaq Copenhagen and Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchanges we further strengthen our operations and our services to our clients, domestic and foreign, in the Nordic markets. The membership is a welcome addition to Fossar’s wide-ranging access to markets all over the world. Fossar provides its clients with access to diverse investment opportunities and total services in one place.”

Sylvester Andersen, Sales Director, Nordic equity and derivatives markets, Nasdaq Copenhagen:

“We congratulate Fossar Markets on their admittance as an exchange member at Nasdaq Copenhagen and Nasdaq Stockholm. This marks the first direct market connection by an Icelandic bank or broker to a non-Icelandic market in a decade. We look forward to serving the financial market in Iceland, accommodating client needs and facilitating opportunities, further strengthening the ties between the markets.”