Vidskiptabladid reports this year’s stock market turnover on its website and Fossar Markets’ share in the business.

Fossar managed half of this year’s largest transactions on Nasdaq Iceland


A successful year is coming to an end at Fossar Markets. Vidskiptabladid business journal reports on its website that Fossar had a hand in half of this year’s largest transactions in the Nasdaq Iceland stock exchange.

“Fossar also managed three of the year’s largest trades, and five out of the ten largest,” the story adds. In the second place, after Fossar Markets, was Kvika Bank with four out of the ten largest transactions, followed by Arctica Finance with three, Landsbankinn with two and Arion Bank with one.

The story also states that out of the twenty largest transactions, seven were with Arion Bank’s shares, four with shares in Marel, three with Siminn and Brim’s shares, two with Hagar’s shares and one with shares in VÍS.

“However, despite only having managed one of the year’s largest transactions, Arion Bank held the stock exchange’s highest trading participation share, 20.7%, a decrease of four percentage points between years; after that comes Íslandsbanki with 19.8%, which is an increase of 4.8 percentage points from the previous year. In third place – with the largest year-on-year increase of 6.2% – comes Fossar markets with 19.1%.”

With one day of trading remaining this year, the Vidskiptabladid also points out that Nasdaq Iceland’s turnover has already reached ISK 610 billion, a year-on-year increase of 20.5%, following a 20% trade contraction in 2018.