Robert Ragnar Gronqvist

Head of Risk Management

+354 522 4000

Robert Gronqvist is the Head of Risk Management at Fossar Markets.

Robert has extensive experience within the finance sector. Before joining Fossar he was a director in Risk Management at Islandsbanki. Prior to that he worked at Danske Bank, where he focused on credit, market and liquidity risk. He has also worked as an interest rate options trader, as a corporate risk management advisor and in treasury asset and liability management at Landsbanki Islands. He is a adjunct lecturer at Reykjavik University, teaching courses on financial derivatives, asset valuation and financial economics.

Robert holds dual B.Sc. degrees in mathematics and economics from the University of Iceland. In addition, he has M.Sc. degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of Warwick. Robert is also a certified securities broker.