Institutional Investors

Our institutional investor service is tailored to meet the varied needs of investors such as pension funds, insurance companies and other asset managers, as well as institutions and corporations.

We work closely with our clients to understand their investment needs and provide them with fitting investment solutions addressing their investment objectives in Iceland and abroad. We strive to provide comprehensive reporting, analytics and meet clients regularly to offer view on market outlook with respect to their investments and various risk factors.

Custodial Service

We provide custodial services for our clients. Our clients receive regular updates and statements and have online access to their holdings through our portal.

Global Partners

In collaboration with trusted global investment consultants specializing in manager selection and asset studies, we can assist clients with their needs without conflict. These services include extensive manager and fund research allowing us to offer the best-in-class funds for each asset class.

Fossar Markets’ investment platform offers access to numerous premier investment houses and funds across all asset classes, whether the focus is on global equities, fixed income, alternatives, private equity, real assets, commodities, or any flavour thereof.

Responsible and sustainable investments

We appreciate the importance of responsible investing and the importance of considering environmental, social, and ethical issues when developing investment strategies.

We work with our clients to ensure that they are invested in line with their environmental, social, or corporate governance (ESG) goals as well as with their financial objectives. These factors are important contributors to long-term returns on investments from both opportunity and risk-mitigation perspectives.

We work with leading global partners that have robust ESG policies in place. We offer numerous investment opportunities with ESG, sustainability or impact focus across a broad range of investment classes.