Fossar Markets

Fossar Markets

Operating license

Fossar Markets is an independent securities firm that provides services to professional and institutional investors. The company has operations in Iceland, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. The team at Fossar Markets consists of highly experienced professionals with a diverse background in domestic and global markets and a history of successful transactions. The team is complemented by a panel of external advisors.


  • Auditor:


  • Internal auditor:

    Grant Thornton

  • Compliance officer:

    Þórunn Ólafsdó

Shareholder list Shares in ISK*
Fossar Markets Holding ehf., owned by
Sigurbjörn Þorkelsson, Aðalheiður Magnúsdóttir, Haraldur I. Þórðarson, Steingrímur Arnar Finnsson and Kolbeinn Arinbjörnsson.
H3 ehf., owned by Haraldur I. Þórðarson 25.179.527
Kormákur Invest ehf., owned by Steingrímur Arnar Finnsson 24.392.666
HT19 ehf. 18.202.705
B108 ehf. 18.202.705
AZ3 ehf. 6.816.938
More Productive ehf. 3.000.000
Vatnaniður ehf. 1.500.000
Vizkan Europe ehf. 1.078.702

*According to Fossar Markets agreements, shares are divided into two types: A and B shares.